September 15, 2020

Today, many of the schools in Toronto reopen. This is another marker that life was it as before the pandemic is slowly returning. Appropriately, Check In From Away checks in with three actors who have played teachers on our stages. It’s an episode you won’t want to miss — full of the charm, humour and honesty that SnL are now famous for.

We also have the final instalment of Ghosts of the Royal Alex. It started with a song that inspired many collaborators: our writer, editors, voice artists, singers, directors, musicians, readers and listeners who in turn shaped where the story would take us. This is the power of storytelling, an art so ancient and compelling that it oozes out of every pore of humanity and has the power to unite us. 

We share a new music video from The Rowdymen, a group that includes George Masswohl (aka Come From Away’s Mayor of Gander). The group’s new song, “Bell Island Pony” takes us to Newfoundland and tells the story of the horses that worked in the iron ore mines.

And there’s lots more.
September 1, 2020

We have made it to September. This year, that feels like a real accomplishment. Usually at this point of the year we'd be delighting in the excitement of reams of loose-leaf and that new-binder smell. But this is 2020, so excitement and joy aren’t where we are right now. Though none of us has been a full-time student in a long time, this year has been schooling us! We're learning resilience and allyship and ultimately, how much more we still have to learn. Hard lessons, but important ones.

We're also learning about finding pleasure where we can. In that vein, thank you to all our readers and listeners who have contributed plot suggestions for Ghosts of the Royal Alex! We never know where you are going to take us and reading and incorporating your ideas has been so much fun. This week Herbie gets closer to the heart of the mystery. We also take a look back at Snail’s journey down the yellow brick road, we check in with SnL for a personal message, and in honour of TIFF we take a look at some musicals that were adapted from movies.

Traditionally, we take a dark week as everyone is busily getting into the groove of new schedules. This year that transition is going to be a bit more arduous, so Meanwhile is going to try out a new schedule too! Look for us every other Tuesday this fall. 

August 25, 2020

It's hard to believe that this is our 20th edition of Meanwhile, but it's even harder to believe that the Ed Mirvish Theatre is 100 years old this year! Now that's something to celebrate. Though 2020 has not been quite what we imagined it might be, the Ed Mirvish Theatre puts our intermission in perspective and is a great story of adapting to and surviving in an ever-changing world.

In addition to the remarkable Ed Mirvish Theatre timeline, we've got two great patron stories, a hilarious instalment of Check In From Away and more!

August 18, 2020

This week's Meanwhile brings the fourth instalment of Ghosts of the Royal Alex, a Check In From Away episode which reunites contestants from Over the Rainbow and a special write-up from the Toronto Star about what the cast of Come From Away has been up to since leaving the stage back in March. We also learn a little bit about our Social Media and Digital Marketing Coordinator, Isabela Stille's favourite things, announce the winners of our Fan Art contest from last week and bring you information on the Toronto Jewish Film Festival which will be presenting The Honest Eds Experience: Online Screening Series.

August 11, 2020

As the curtain rises, both those on stage and those in the auditorium bring their own perspectives and history to the story about to unfold before them. People travel from far and wide and descend on the theatre to create a unique and shared experience. Today we explore both the far and wide and the hyperlocal.

This week's Check In From Away has our hosts checking in with Come From Away companies from around the globe. We also have our Director of Communications, John Karastamatis, in a Q&A with Irish-Canadian writer Emma Donoghue (Room, The Pull of the Stars). Finally, we chatted with longtime Mirvish staffer, Laurel Purvis, about her favourite local spots in Toronto!

August 4, 2020

Hello from T.O., the Big Smoke, The 6ix!

In this edition of Meanwhile we explore summer in the city. Our Check In From Away hosts visit their favourite hot spots around town and we open up our Archives to revisit what we were doing eight summers ago in SNAIL, the eight-issue Mirvish magazine published back in 2012.

We also have our much-anticipated third instalment of Ghosts of the Royal Alex, complete with a brand new song!

Finally, we check in with Alan Forsyth, our Phone Operations Manager and human encyclopedia of theatre, in our Staff Spotlight.