December 21, 2020

This is our last issue of the year — 29 altogether since we began publishing in April. Our goal then was to offer a forum of theatre news and ideas to entertain you while our theatres were closed. We hope we have accomplished this.

In this issue SnL bring you part two of their Holiday Extravaganza. We share with you a new full-length adaptation of A Christmas Carol from the co-director of Les Misérables; we offer you our new time travel tool that goes all the way back to 1963, when the Mirvish family purchased and restored the Royal Alex; and we have a wonderful new music video entitled “All I Want for Christmas is You … to Socially Distance”.

We wish you and yours the merriest of holidays and we hope the new year finds you in good health and spirits.

In many ways 2021 feels like a new beginning for all of us. With many vaccines for the pandemic, we are hopeful for the reopening of many parts of our society, including theatres. But until then, we must all continue to be vigilant and steadfast in keeping ourselves, our families, our neighbours and our fellow citizens safe and healthy.

Meanwhile will be taking January off, but we will return with renewed vigour, enthusiasm and fun on February 2, 2021.

To be continued ...

December 9, 2020

Remember when you were in grade school and each year there was an assembly just before the holidays? Remember how much fun it was to see your friends perform songs of the season and share stories and somehow create a sense of community and joy seemingly out of very little? That’s what is known as the magic of the holidays. In this issue of Meanwhile, we will attempt to do the same.

SnL have assembled many of their guests from earlier Check In From Away episodes for a two-part Holiday Extravaganza, their version of the school assembly. It’s a blast of songs, carols, stories and joyous wishes.

 A beautiful new love song for the holidays performed by our very own Steffi D.
• A video interview about the forgotten songwriter of the classic ballad, “I’ll Never Smile Again”, Frank Sinatra’s first #1 recording.
Reelin’ in the Years, a new feature that will takes us back to favourite musical productions from the past by bringing back videos of musical numbers. This issue celebrates The Wizard of Oz.
• Easy holiday gift ideas — gift cards, t-shirts and masks.

A bounty of entertainment and good wishes for you to enjoy as we enter the holiday season.

November 24, 2020

We have turned the corner from plausible deniability to harsh reality: It’s cold. The holiday season is rapidly approaching, but we’ve got one milestone to celebrate (before we focus entirely on the juggernaut that is a mere month away)  Come From Away-iversary. Take a look back at some of the incredible moments and test your CFA knowledge. If you are clever enough you could win a special prize. To help keep the celebration going, SnL are taking us to Newfoundland to check in with some of Canada’s favourite artists, all of whom happen to be proud Newfoundlanders. They share personal stories and their love for their home province. And if you are looking to add a bit of mystery to your life join us for a video conversation with Katie Daubs, the journalist and author of The Missing Millionaire. Her thrilling new book attempts to solve the century-old cold case of the disappearance of Toronto theatre impresario Ambrose Small. Let’s get started!

November 10, 2020

It has been a hell of a week! With so much of our attention drawn south of the border, we think a breather is in order. SnL celebrate World Kindness Day with a look at the Pay it Forward annual 9/11 tradition that was created by one of the real-life “come from aways.” And speaking of kindness, there’s the heartwarming story of how one of our staff members was reunited with her childhood stuffed animal that was lost during a flight over Hamilton, the city not the musical. We have a new video trailer for Blindness. There’s a very personal dance video created specifically for Meanwhile by Dayna Tekatch. And we’d be remiss if we didn’t take some time to acknowledge Remembrance Day. Let’s do this!

October 27, 2020

Halloween, a holiday based entirely on dressing up and putting on a show — sign us up! We’re always on board when real life goes theatrical. Not sure how you’re going to celebrate this weekend? We’ve got you covered — whether you are single, a couple, a family, whatever. We’ve got suggestions and all you'll need to do is add your favourite candy. Once the festivities are decided you’ll need a themed playlist, but Monster Mash is so last year. Why not try a mix of music from our favourite spooky shows? Or spend the day reading or listening to the entire series of Ghosts of the Royal Alex. And, of course, SnL are full of ideas for you too. Trick or treat!

October 13, 2020

We are so excited, there is so much to discuss this week. 

First of all: We’re coming baaaaack! In case you missed it, we have announced our first step back into live productions with a one-of-a-kind sound installation called Blindness.

(In fact, we made the announcement a day before the Ontario government set a 28-day moratorium in Toronto on indoor activities in restaurants, gyms, cinemas and performing arts venues. The moratorium ends November 8. Our plan is to start Blindness on November 17. Rest assured, we will delay if the moratorium is extended. We will not do anything that will compromise the health and safety of our staff and patrons. We will only begin Blindness when public health assures us it is safe to do so. We won’t even put tickets on sale until then. All our decisions will be made with an abundance of caution.)