July 7, 2020

This is the 13th issue of Meanwhile, so we thought it appropriate to focus on theatrical superstitions.

Theatre people are famously superstitious. One can’t really blame them because superstitions are born when people feel they don’t have control of their own destinies.  In the theatre there is a long list of what you should never do to court good luck and what you should always do to avoid failure. In the Archives column this week, some of these superstitions are revealed.

But the biggest superstition is the belief in theatre ghosts. Most old theatres are said to be haunted. We explore this theme in a new six-part biweekly series called Ghosts of the Royal Alex. Every second week there will be a new song and a new chapter in a serialized story.

June 17, 2020
5 years ago
"You Change The World When You Change Your Mind" - #standforlove

This dynamic cast of acclaimed seasoned professionals and exciting new talent played the Royal Alexandra Theatre from June 16, 2015 to May 16, 2016.
June 17, 2020

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